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"Our new girl was fantastic on the trip, she loves air conditioning in the car and after we turned it on, she fell right asleep. She's been non-stop fun and enjoyment and we are amazed at how quickly she learns. At we cannot thank you enough for everything you have done to make her such a fantastic girl, she goes potty outside most of the time, she has a beautiful personality and gets along so well with the other two dogs here, and she follow directions amazingly."

"Thank you again for letting us have this special girl in our life, she really is wonderful and thank you for all of the things you gave us, we're really so happy to have her! Also, I will be sending back the leash and collar, I can't believe we forgot to bring them, we were so embarrassed!!"

"Thank you so much again, it was wonderful meeting you and we love our little girl so much!! We can't wait to send more pictures as she grows. For now the ones attached were when our two families came over to meet the new arrival!"

"From the moment we brought our little girl home she has been a complete joy. Aside from her physical beauty she is intelligent, sensitive, gentle, playful, talkative and eager to please. She loves - and is loved – by everyone she meets. During our walks around the neighborhood there are specific houses where we stop for a scratch or a biscuit. She is always making new friends whether they are human or canine. She never stops amazing us with all the ways she finds to keep busy....and she is always busy. From helping "sort" the laundry to "opening" the mail she is non-stop energy. My husband always dreamed of having a Samoyed and now that he has his
girl he couldn't be happier. She is a wonderful companion and a very important (if not the most important) part of the family.

Thank you (and Sugar) for blessing us with such a wonderful friend.
We'll continue to keep you updated with pictures and stories as she
Sue McNally"

"You have bred an exceptionally beautiful dog. She is already crate trained and nearly housetrained, and starting to walk on a leash. Amy trained her to sit which works about half the
time. She's incredibly intelligent!

"Hello Donna.
I am Rachel Sherman from Connecticut. In 2000, we adopted our Samoyed baby from you...she is the daughter of Beau and Sherry, from a litter that was born, I think, on May 19, 2000. At least, that's when we celebrate her birthday! Her name is Apache (she's registered as Snokrest's Apache Princess.).
What I want to share is our "puppy." She has, from the beginning, been the most beautiful of puppies. She is now 7 1/2 and continues to amaze us with her charm, sweetness of temperament and amazing intelligence. We raised her in "good puppy" manners: she has heard the word "bad" only once, used on a shoe which had somehow been in her mouth :) The shoe was soundly slapped as a "bad shoe" and Apache now finds shoes disgusting and keeps a wide berth. Apache on the other hand will do whatever is asked if it is prefaced with "Good Apache." She's beautiful in every way, and resembles Beau in appearance as well as insight and intelligence.
She is just an exceptional dog and we want to thank you for "parenting" her.

Rachel Sherman"

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